Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, it does work. Please note that this product works best over a long period of time. No "instant" results

No. We recommend not to use this device for individuals who have been exposed to strong sunlight in the past 2 weeks.

You can use lotion or whatever else after using the laser hair remover but don’t put anything on your skin before.

No, It’s just a stronger flash. You need to first start with a lower intensity and work up to the stronger intensity. You will use the machine less and less, over time, as the hairs quit growing.

This IPL hair removal device is ideal for both women and men, no age limitation.

Flash the entire treatment area once for the first time and continue the process repeatedly for 2 to 3 times. However, don't exceed more than 3 consecutive flashes on treatment area.

Yes, it will eliminate the ingrown hair.

We recommend not to use close to the eyes.

Yes. This IPL hair removal device is ideal for both women and men.

It can be painful if the intensity is too high. If you are light skinned and have dark hair it can be used for hair removal anywhere.

On average you will see results after 2 weeks


Unfortunately, no.

Yes, please do shave first to make it easier for this IPL hair removal device to treat the hair follicles.

As dark skin has a higher content of melanin, the energy of the hair removal device will be absorbed by the skin during the treatment. So how to ensure the safety and effect of hair removal of dark skin users is a problem faced by all hair removal devices on the market.

You can use this device close to tattoo, however, the skin with tattoos contains more melanin.

No, it’s painless. It’s much better than waxing for hair removal.

The legs usually takes 3-5 minutes to complete the treatment. The armpit and bikini area usually take about 2-3 minutes. The treatment area of upper lip is small, and the treatment can be completed in 1-2 minutes.


The laser hair removal device is suitable for all areas of the body

Do not wax before using. This device needs the dark hair root to attract the IPL for success. If you wax, you defeat the purpose of using this device.

It can cause skin damage and scar.

Our equipment is suitable for the whole body, and the hair on the chin is also possible

The hair removal device cannot be used with wax at the same time, because it is easy to damage your skin. You can use the laser hair removal device after each shaving. At present, most customers can see obvious hair removal results in 2-3 months

Yes, this is applicable


Our products do not have an age range, but we recommend using them over 15 years old

Yes, it can

Use the 1/2 level in the first 2 times of use, and then increase it level by level according to your applicability (don’t increase too much at one time).

It is plug and play

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