vitamin C serums: Why should you use them?

Vitamin C is one of the best anti-ageing ingredients, and serums made from vitamin C functions to maintain a smooth and glowy complexion.

Nowadays, there is increasing demand for vitamin C serums in the market. And the people who are more conscious about their skin health use it. It can protect, repair, and enhance your skin.

But, Why should you use vitamin c serums? How to apply it, and what are its potential side effects?

Pros of using vitamin C serum

vitamin C serums

Sun Protection

Vitamin C is an antioxidant. It maintains the skin by reducing premature cell death and the damage due to exposure to UV light. Vitamin C serum is not a substitute for sunscreen. But, you can apply it to protect yourself against the harmful effects of the sun.

Prevents ageing

It can not reverse the natural wrinkles but can help in reducing premature ageing. It protects you from wrinkles due to sun exposure. It also stimulates the growth of collagen that provides elasticity to the skin.

Skin tone

It also helps to cure hyperpigmentation. The darker areas of the skin may be due to sun exposure or hormonal changes. Melanin pigment is responsible for these dark circles, so Vitamin C serum reduces the production of melanin, and as a result, it reduces the dark circles of the skin.

Wound Healing

Vitamin C can help in speeding up the wound healing process. It helps to reduce risks for inflammation, infection, and scarring.

Under-eye bags

Vitamin C serum helps in reducing the under eyes circles by hydrating the under-eye area.

Refreshing look

It reduces darker spots on the skin and reduces dullness, and makes the skin surface smooth. This ability of Vitamin C gives skin a refreshing and younger look.

It’s safe

It is safe to use, and you can use it for a longer time without any adverse side effects. People with hypersensitivity can have minor irritation.

Side effects of vitamin C serum

Vitamin C does not cause any potential side effects, although it can cause

  • itching

  • redness

  • skin irritation

  • tingling sensation upon application


These symptoms do not last long. But, in case of longer burning sensations, immediately wash the skin to remove serum.

The best way to avoid such complications is to do a patch test. This way, you’ll find out how your skin reacts to skin serum, and then you can apply it to your skin.

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