Using Steps:

Using Steps:

1. Before depilating, scrape off the hair on the depilating area with a hair scraper. 
2. Connect the power cord to the power
outlet of the IPLhair removal.

3. Long press the switch for 3 seconds, the display light will be powered on, short press to choose the right gear and the IPL
hair removal can be used normally.

4. When operating, you'd better wear a professional protective glasses to protect your eyes.

5. Place the product vertically against the skin and press the flash button to start hair removal. No more than 3 continuous
flash hair removal to be conducted in the same place.

6. A single press on the flash button is manual hair removal mode, long press on the flash button for 3 seconds will be switch to
automatic hair removal mode; Automatic hair removal mode will automatically go on flash hair removal every 3 seconds. 
stages of hair removal results: 
1-4 weeks: Hypnotic hair follicle. (Heat is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle.) 
weeks: Hair falls off. (With the cycle of hair, naturally fall off.) 
8-12 weeks: Inhibiting regeneration. (Regular use can inhibit
hair regeneration.)

The Problem of Usage

1.Who is it Not Suitable For?
Due to IPL technology limitations, this hair removal is not recommended for people with red,
light-blonde or white / grey hair. This product is also unsuitable for people with dark skin. 
2.How long should I use it for acourse of treatment?
The hair growth cycle includes different stages,IPL technology is only effective at the hair growth stage,and
not all hair grows at the same time,so we recommend an eight-week treatment regimen,trimming the hair to ensure that all hair is effectively irradiated during the growth phase. 
3.How long can I see the effect of using it?
Clinical studies have shown significant hair reduction in as little as 2 fortnightly treatments, with optimal hair free results achieved after 4 to 5 fortnightly treatments. To maintain these results, simply repeat treatment every four to 6 weeks. (Time between treatments may vary based on your individual hair regrowth). 
4.Do I need to use eye protection glasses while using the IPL hair removal ?
Yes,you’d better need to use protection glasses while using the hair remover machine. 
5.Where should I test first when I get it?
Legs or hands. 
6.Is it really painless?
You might feel a slight twinge doing some of the hairs, however, this will vary depending on how much hair you have and your skin tone. It isn't as painful as professional hair removal equipment, but isn't going to be quite as effective (it will take longer to get rid of the hair), however it is much cheaper. 
7.Is this for everyday use?
1) Twice a week for the first 4 weeks;
2)Once a week from the fifth week to the eighth week;
3)Once a month from the eighth week to the twelfth week. 
8.Dose this work for men?
Yes,the IPL Hair Removal devices are to treat hair follicle through intense pulsed light technology, it has the same effect on both men and women. 
9.Can I use this on my pubic hair? Can this device be used on the chin?
Yes,this IPL hair removal device is your ideal for full body hair removal machine, such as face, arms,underarms, bikini line,
legs, back and chest. 
10.Can it really remove hair permanently?
In general, about 80% of hair can be removed in 8 weeks, and a small amount of hair grows slowly. The effect of permanent hair removal can be achieved in 12 weeks. 
11.Do I need to shave first before use this hair removal device?
Yes, the area must be shaved clean before treatment.