Two Steps to Get the Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal Results Possible

Ditching the razor and the razor bumps and switching to an at-home laser hair removal is one of the best things you could do for self-care. No one has the time or the patience to be in the bathroom catching a cramp while you try and shave your hair. Transitioning to an at-home laser hair removal will have your skin feeling smooth and luscious so, say bye to those razor bumps. 

When some people get an at-home laser hair removal kit, you will still have to take care of your skin so that those prickly hairs don’t come back. Here we will go over two easy steps you can do to get the best at-home laser hair results. 


Before you start your treatment, you will want first to exfoliate the area you will be treating. You always want to exfoliate before so the treatment can help you get quicker results. 

When exfoliating correctly, you will be removing any dead skin cells that can block the laser removal treatment from getting into your hair follicles. If dead skin cells are blocking it, you won’t have the results you would expect. 

You will also get that glow factor that will leave your legs, for example, looking stunning after your treatment. 

Before applying the exfoliator, wet the skin area that you will be working with, with warm water. Never aggravate the skin before treatment!

To get the best results from exfoliating, it’s recommended to use a scrub and rub the product into your skin in a circular manner. This will help the particles of the exfoliant get deeper into the skin. 

After that’s done, rinse it off and pat dry with a towel. 

Take Care of Your Skin After the Treatment

While it would be so much easier after we are done with the laser hair removal to get up and go and not worry about it, we have to. 

Sometimes after an in-home treatment, you may feel that the skin is sensitive. So, it’s important to moisturize after using your desired laser treatment. 

If you’re stepping outside, put on some SPF, you will be getting an extra glow from that and the moisturizer, so it’s a win-win!

However, if you might feel a burning sensation after, you may cool the area with a cold, damp towel before applying your moisturizer. 

Suppose you incorporate these two steps into your treatment regime. Not only will you get better results, but it will also have you and your skin looking great and refreshed. 

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