Tips to get better results using IPL hair removal device

You have made your mind about using an IPL hair removal device at home, but you may also be a little bit confused about using the device. So how should you use it for better results?

IPL hair removal device

Here, we will share a few tips to do before and after IPl treatment for better results.

IPL Pre-treatment care

Shaving is OK but not waxing, why?

To get better results from Glowyskin.Care’s IPL handset, you must shave the area first. Shaving is recommended instead of waxing because it leaves behind hair intact inside the follicles.

These hair follicles help in absorbing the light energy from the IPL device and produce the growth-inhibiting factors for permanent hair removal.

Remember, always buy a high-quality razor to avoid cuts and redness. It is essential for smooth and soft skin.

Shaving cream

Apart from buying a good quality razor, use shaving cream to make your shaving experience more comfortable. These creams provide lubrication and a friction-free surface to your razor and help avoiding burns and cuts.

Different gels and creams are available in the market formulated for dry and sensitive skin areas. Always buy a high-quality product for excellent results.

Hair trimmer

To prepare your body for IPL treatment, you can use a body trimmer instead of a razor too. It’ll also give you the desired results required for IPL treatment.

Moisturized skin

Before IPL treatment, ensure that your body is hydrated to avoid dry skin situations. For this, you can drink plenty of water daily and use a good quality moisturizer. It’ll save your skin from dryness and will also make it smooth and soft. 

Always look for a natural feeling moisturizer that absorbs fast and gives your skin a fresh look.


IPL post-treatment care

As there are some things to do before IPL treatment, you must take care of post-treatment things to get desired results.

Skin-soothing cream

You can use some skin-soothing creams to give your skin a fresh, soft and smooth feeling. Try to use creams having Vitamin E as the antioxidant power of vitamin E provides protection and gives your skin a fresh new look. 

Avoid sun exposure

Try to avoid the exposure of your skin to harmful UV rays of the sun. For this, you can use sunblocks before moving out and wear light and comfortable clothes. It will help you to keep your skin healthy and reduce the risks associated with sun exposure.

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