Is Laser Hair Removal Truly Permanent?

Is Laser Hair Removal Truly Permanent? We humans are definitely mammals — each of us having around five million hairs on our bodies. Men have a few hundred thousand more than women. But each of these hairs operates like an independent contractor. Every hair is independent of every other hair.


Well, our hair goes through different phases of a growth cycle and we have to catch the hairs in the right phase for the laser energy to be effective. That’s why it takes a series of laser hair removal sessions to get the kind of hair reduction our clients seek.

 Is Laser Hair Removal Truly Permanent

Permanent hair reduction

First, lasers only damage hair in the anagen (growth) cycle. But hairs can also be in the catagen (transitional phase between growth and rest) or the telogen phase (rest). In the catagen and telogen phases the body is preparing to shed the hairs, halting nourishment and releasing the hair bulb from the hair follicle. That’s why lasers don’t affect hair in these phases; they’re already on their way out. Because the hair is no longer anchored in the follicle, the laser energy can’t travel down the hair and damage or destroy the follicle. Now consider those hair numbers. Since each of our millions of hairs can be in a different phase, it’s obvious you can’t catch them all in the growth phase, no matter how many laser hair removal sessions you have.

Second, damaged follicles can rebuild with hormonal changes. Plus, if a follicle is only partially damaged, it may heal and begin to regrow hair.

Bottom line? Numerous studies show the degree of permanent hair reduction to be from 85 to 90 percent. Those are consistent with what our patients experience.

Still, 90 percent of your unwanted hair permanently gone is way better than shaving, plucking, waxing, creating razor burn and ingrown hairs, and all the other fun and cost involved with the endless ritual of removing unwanted hair.


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