IPL vs. Laser: Which one is better for you?

As people, we are always swamped, some more than others. We consistently do a million things a day to try and full fill our responsibilities, and sometimes these tasks take a long time from our day. Have you ever wondered how long you spent shaving? Like really thought about it, well if you haven’t, then usually, women spend on average 72 days throughout their lives just shaving. That almost two and a half months just in the bathroom taking care of yourself.

While taking care of yourself is not in any way wrong, but it sure is a long time. However, thanks to technology, we can use tools such as laser removal for our unwanted hair. There are some forms of laser hair removal, such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and regular laser removal.

With these options, which one is right for us? Don’t worry; here we will explain which course of treatment will be right for you.

What’s The Difference Between The Two?

Both of these hair removal treatments use a type of light to heat your hair follicles, and by doing this prevents regrowth of the hair. The difference between these two will come from how the light is delivered.

With a laser, it will produce a specific light consisting of only one wavelength or color of light going in one direction. This would be similar to how you use a laser pointer.

IPL laser removal produces a wide range of wavelengths of lights which will have a single white flash. You may see the color of the light as an orange/red glow, and when it’s against the skin, it will look like a camera flash.

How Does The Treatment Vary?

Here we will compare the treatments between the two to better understand how the two laser hair treatments work.


In terms of treatment time and how long you will be in there. Since IPL has an enormous flash of light, it can cover a larger area of your skin.

This means that in the long run, you won’t have to return as frequently compared to laser.

With the laser, since the light beam is tiny, it doesn’t cover a large area than IPL.


Reports from the client consistently indicate that using the laser is often more painful than IPL treatment because it is more concentrated.


For the most part, IPL laser hair removal is much more affordable than laser because laser is expensive to generate.


When you do laser hair removal, the results will pay off, meaning that you will have to do fewer top-ups between sessions.

However, with any light-based hair removal, you will still need to do top-up treatments.

Which Is Right For Me?

IPL and laser both have their pros and cons; however, IPL will be the more affordable option and will give you the same results as a laser treatment. You will still need to follow your treatment regime and keep your top-up treatments, but you will save money and time in the end.

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