IPL Ruined My Skin? A review from Rachel L. (Blogger)

Chances are, if you’re here, you’re looking for people who have used Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL), that have ruined their skin.

IPL Ruined My Skin

It’s one of the most common questions I get through my blog. Can IPL actually be bad for my skin? I wrote this piece to help you make an informed decision about finding an IPL device that’ll fit in your budget.

IPL uses multiple flashes over extended periods of time, vs just one light like we find in laser therapy. It is designed to target the second layer of skin, leaving the top layer unharmed. In theory, unless you’re using your IPL device incorrectly, it shouldn’t harm you in the ways that you may be worried about.

As always, I recommend you consult with a licensed dermatologist before beginning any skin care routine. Your dermatologist will give you helpful insight into making sure you take appropriate measures to protect yourself while using IPL devices on your skin.

Before we jump into the topic, let’s clear up one thing. Too much of anything is nearly always a bad thing. Of course IPL therapy can damage your skin, if used incorrectly or too frequently. Always consult with a licensed practitioner and use the device according to manufacturer recommendations for best results.

For me, IPL didn’t actually ruin my skin. IPL actually worked great on the areas I needed it to, which is why I dedicate my time towards helping others find devices that work well for their skin type. From the start, I knew that finding an IPL device that works on my skin would be challenging.

With that being said, I tried it and stuck to the guidelines and it worked as advertised.

I’m overly cautious, I always follow company recommendations and I do my research when using any product.

One of the most popular reasons to use Intense Pulsed Light is to remove hair from unwanted areas of your body. As with any beauty product, or beauty routine, the people using products like IPL devices are often looking to solve an annoying problem. Thus, they tend to be at risk for over use.

One of the most important tips I always recommend in order to be successful at using IPL for hair removal is this, shave first. When you shave first, light makes better contact with your skin, and delivers better results.

I am personally interested in testing and reviewing every IPL device on the market. With that being said, I do have a favorite device and that’s the Glowyskin.Care IPL. Although it’s not the most expensive device on the market, it is in my opinion the best overall. For the price, I’d highly recommend this IPL device.

Best for Budget + Results


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