How to stop hair growth permanently at home?

It is a popular question on the internet on how to stop hair growth on the body at home. There are different queries related to hair removal on various parts of the body like armpits, facial hair, bikini line and pubic hair. It should be without pain, done at home and be permanent. With the recent technology, we got different solutions to our queries, like IPL for hair removal.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a cosmetic skin treatment that we use to reduce hair growth. Different devices like IPL hair removal is used to remove the hair growth permanently at home

This method is not only used by women. It works for men too.

Can it reduce hair from all body parts of all skin types? IPL handset is effective on all skin types with a few exceptions

It is not suitable for dark skin people and people with light colours hair.

It can damage your skin and cause scars. In the case of light colours, melanin will not absorb light to reduce hair growth.

However, we can use it on all body parts, except near the eyes.

How to stop hair growth

You can reduce hair growth without any pain from different parts of the body like underarms, bikini line, legs and face, and it takes only two weeks to show its effectiveness. The procedure takes only 10 minutes.

A short guide to using IPL hair removal at home

Do not use it If you got exposed to UV rays of sunlight over the last 2weeks.

Do not use lotion or anything before using the IPL device. You can use it after the treatment, though.

Start with lower intensity flashes and then use higher intensity.

There is no age limitation but do not use it before 15 years of age.

Use the flash once for the first time, and next time do not use more than 3 consecutive flashes in the same area.

Do shave before using IPL hair removal to reduce hair growth, and do not wax as the process requires dark hair, and with waxing, it'll be useless.


Please note that this product works best over a long period and does not give instant results.

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