Hair Removal methods



The shaver is a device used to remove hair and has undergone many variations and improvements over the years to make it more effective. Shaving will provide immediate results, but the hair will regrow quickly in a day or two, however, and if you have sensitive skin, it is not suitable for you as it will cause irritation and breakouts.

Photoepilator light energy

The photo epilator light energy was launched in 1969 and was developed from research on laser hair removal. Photoepilers use a burst of filtered light directed at one hair at a time. After the focus of light, the hair is clipped. Any laser and light instrument used in the device is directed against the hair’s blood and melanin pigments and warms them. To allow this process, fiber optic probes were inserted into the hair follicle through which the light was illuminated. There are no clinical data published to support any claim of permanence, and there is no established data on its effectiveness.


This works by passing an electric current through the tweezers, which holds the hair to the skin’s surface by holding them for several minutes. Electricity enters through the hair to its roots and claims to permanently damage it. The scientific community has reservations since the claim that electricity destroys the hair root has no scientific support.

It is generally suitable for use on smaller body areas such as the eyebrows. It can also take a long time since you have to pull out a few hairs at a time and be quite painful, causing discomfort; This is not suitable for everyone.


It has popular in recent years due to its long-lasting results. It is done by placing a wooden spatula into the wax, applying to the area, placing a strip, and then quickly pulling in the opposite direction of hair growth. Hair takes longer to grow. You can do it yourself. It can be applied to larger areas of your body, such as the chest, arms, legs, and bikini areas. It is also quite painful, although it provides satisfactory results.



Transcutaneous and transdermal offers “permanent hair removal,” but to date, no clinical data have been published to establish the claim that permanent hair removal. It uses the idea of direct current for drug delivery (iontophoresis) without the use of a needle. A DC electrical current is passed through a conductive gel on the skin’s surface through an adhesive patch placed on it. The hair root is said to be permanently damaged by the electrical current traveling to the hair follicle.

Ultrasound hair removal

It claims that ultrasound waves are precisely channeled through the hair shaft and, in the process, are transformed into thermal energy that superheats the hair growth areas and inhibits regrowth. The waves are claimed to be attached to the hair shaft and not dissipate into the skin to avoid side effects. Ultrasonic hair removal offers ‘total hair removal’ and claims to be the ‘next generation of long-term hair removal devices.’ In some marketing material, they say that it is “The hair removal solution” and that “no additional hair appears in the same follicle, which shows that it is a long-term treatment.”

Permanent microwave hair removal

Permanent microwave hair removal is one of the most unusual permanent hair methods, and its safety and efficacy have not been scientifically proven. Microwave devices work similarly to those used in microwave ovens. Once absorbed, these waves cause the molecules for absorbing element to vibrate, resulting in the generation of heat. Therefore, the skin heats up, and, in theory, thermal energy destroys the cells that grow the hair. However, microwave heating’s indiscriminate nature is its biggest drawback and is the reason for its limited use.

Laser hair removal treatments

Most laser treatments provide permanent results. It is performed by applying low-level laser light to the skin areas to remove unwanted hair; it involves multiple treatment sessions administered by a doctor before you can see the results. These treatments can be expensive and probably cost you over a thousand dollars. Light hair removal Probably the best light-based device on the market is the Glowyskin.Care IPL hair removal device that uses light pulse technology for safe and easy hair removal. This device removes hair without any pain from any part of the body through the photothermolysis process, where optical energy is used to stop growth by vaporizing the stem and follicle. This kills the hair root and ensures it will not grow back. Unlike other similar products, this device works on larger areas of the skin to remove hair, making sessions less time consuming and can treat many more areas of the skin. The results are not immediate, and you will need to use them multiple times before you can see the results. It will give you a smooth and silky look that is desirable.

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