Face serums must be in your daily skincare routine

Face serums play an essential role to nourish, protect, and hydrate your skin. If you want to improve your skincare routine, then you must use a face serum. It is used after a cleanser and before moisturizer.

Let’s discuss a few benefits of using face serums to understand their value. But before starting this, it is foremost for you to know that what is a face serum?

What is a serum?

The serum is a topical product containing thin viscosity concentrated amounts of active ingredients. The active ingredients penetrate the skin surface and show effective results in a short time.

The serum is lighter and contains active ingredients. Due to this, we suggest you use face serum after cleansing instead of moisturizer. And to maintain the results of serum, moisturizer, or cream is the next step.

Face serums

Benefits of using a face serum

Face serum takes care of skin health and benefits you in several ways.

Absorbs quickly

The serum is lighter than a moisturizer, and the thinner viscosity allows it to absorb quickly into your skin.

Best for sensitive skins

Face serums are the best option for people who are acne-prone or have oily skin type.

Fine lines and wrinkles

Some serums help in reducing wrinkles and fine lines like vitamin A serum.

Protection from free radicals

Serums also protect your skin from free radicals like vitamin E, Vitamin C, and ferulic acid serums. They protect you from UV rays and pollution that can lead you to wrinkles and skin ageing.

Fast results

They show you visible results in a short time as compared to other skin products.

Types of serums

There are different kinds of serum available in the market. You can select the serum based on your future goal.

  • Hydrating Serums

  • Acne-prone and skin sensitive serums

  • Anti-ageing serum

  • Skin brightening serum

  • Texture improvement serum

  • Glowy Skincare products

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  • Shidoa Vitamin A Serum

  • Shidoa Vitamin C Serum

  • Shidoa Vitamin E Serum

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