Best home wax

There are generally two types of kits available:

  • hot
  • cold

Hot wax needs to be heated prior to application. While the cold strips come with a coating and are more convenient to use, as they are ready to apply. You can buy any of these according to your preference.

Few tips can help you make a decision about whether to buy a hot or cold one.

  • Area to be waxed: the hot one is more suitable for waxing larger body areas such as hands, legs, and back. Cold wax is suitable for smaller areas like the upper lips and face. Bikini waxing is a good way to remove pubic hair.
  • Frequency: the choice of the kit will also depend on the frequency with which you want to epilate. Hot wax is suitable when you want to wax regularly. It is cheaper and can be used to remove hair from the entire body. You can also easily find recharge packages that help save money. Those who wish to wax occasionally can use cold wax strips.
  • Convenience: Cold wax strips are easy to transport because they cause less mess compared to hot ones. It is always better to carry cold wax strips than to carry a complete kit. Read here: What to use instead of wax strips. If you are going on vacation, it is advisable to wax beforehand, as hot waxing can help get rid of hairs for at least a month. 

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