Best at-home laser hair removal

Home laser technology -IPL, simple procedures to remove unwanted hair has become easily accessible and affordable for everyone. With home IPL hair removal kits, more and more people can enjoy a more durable and convenient solution to remove unwanted hair.

The IPL provides lights that gradually destroy the hair follicles to impair hair regrowth.


  • One of the main advantages of IPL hair removal is its ability to remove hair at its own time and make hair regrow less and less.
  • The procedure also does not induce pain such as electrolysis, thick hair growth when shaving, and the fuss of hair removal.
  • Compared to other similar cosmetic procedures, it is safe and has virtually no side effects.
  • Home IPL hair removal is also less painful than hair removal, especially in sensitive areas of the body.


  • The main disadvantage of IPL hair removal at home is that it is not suitable for dark skin tones.
  • Today’s home IPL machines can only be used on light to medium skin tones.
  • The Glowyskin.Care IPL system will unlock and work if you read that the skin tone is within the acceptable colour range.
  • For now, even if you have a medium to dark skin tone, it is best to opt for professional treatments.

Is IPL hair removal permanent?

When you start thinking about removing unwanted hair, you have options that you can use, but you need to know what they can offer. One option is to use an IPL, and you will be wondering if IPL hair removal is permanent.

You could keep shaving over and over again, wasting hours and hours or choosing other options. You could keep making yourself a razor blade and keep cutting and cutting yourself over and over again. Spend your time shaving, or you can choose other ways to get rid of your hair.

The best part is that you can get this treatment for what you would pay for the razors in about 6 months. This is a great way to go if you want to get the body hair removal you’ve always wanted. You can get the treatment, and you never have to worry about shaving again. This is easy and very fast to do.

The other options, like waxing, are not as permanent as receiving IPL treatment to remove all the hairs you have in unwanted places. This is something you should consider, and you could do a spa treatment with all the pampering if you want to spend a little money, or you can do a type of appointment treatment that is more of an in and out type of treatment.

Is IPL hair removal safe?

Like most cosmetic treatments, yes, it is safe, if all safety precautions are taken. There are very few risks associated with IPL hair removal. The most dangerous part of the treatment is the IPL itself and the effect it has on the eye, although any damage created by the laser can be easily prevented. It is important to wear protective glasses. In addition to the possibility of eye damage, there are minor side effects that can occur – including discoloration of the skin and minor burns.

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