5 things to do when using IPL hair removal handset at home

If you are ready to use IPL hair removal handset at home, remember that the treatment is not like a magic wand that you will use to get instant results. It takes time, patience, and the proper methodology to get better results. 

To use glowy skin IPL hair removal effectively, we have compiled a list of to-do things that you should consider before and after using to get better results.

Things to do before IPL treatment

1.Don’t do waxing

Avoid waxing, threading, and plucking at least 8 weeks before starting IPL treatment sessions, and avoid it during the sessions. As it’ll reduce the effectiveness of the treatment, and you’ll not get better results.

2.Avoid tanning

Tanning and UV also reduce the ability of the IPL treatment. So avoid it at least one month before the sessions and during the sessions.

3.Bleaching and Perfumes

Do not use perfumes on your body or bleach at least one day before using the glowy skin IPL handset.

4.Swimming and Tight clothes

Avoid swimming in the chlorinated water and wearing tight clothes 1day before starting the hair removal sessions.

5.Sunlight exposure

Avoid sunlight exposure and use sunblock before the sessions, but do not use sunblock creams within 24 hours of the scheduled session.

Things to do after IPL hair removal session

1.Swimming and hot baths

Avoid swimming in the chlorinated water and also hot bath and hot showers for the next 2days.

2.Bleaching and perfumes

Do not bleach the treated area or use perfumes, deodorants for the next 2days.

3.Redness and Bumps

After getting the hair removal sessions, skin redness is normal. And it may continue for the next 2 hours or a little longer. 

Try using a cold compress if the sensitivity remains, and in case of crusting, apply antibiotic cream. Avoid touching and scratching the treated area.

4.Sun exposure

To get effective results of glowy skin IPL handset, avoid UV rays exposure and tanning for at least 2weeks before treatment. 

Use sun protection and limit sun exposure for at least 6weeks after the session.


5.Waxing, Plucking and Shaving

Avoid plucking, waxing, and threading for 2weeks before treatment and shaving for the next 3days.

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