5 reasons why you must choose IPL hair removal treatment

You all might be wondering why and why IPL hair removal treatment is the only right choice for you? There are other hair removal methods like waxing, shaving, sugaring, plucking. So why only IPL should be your top priority?

Nothing gets in the way quite like unwanted hair, and IPL treatment can do wonders for you to get rid of unwanted body hair in no time. But time is not the only reason to choose IPL. We have listed some intriguing reasons for you below.

Permanent Hair growth reduction

IPL hair removal treatment

IPL hair removal flashes target the melanin pigment and reduce hair growth by destroying hair follicles. The life cycle of hair follicles gets stunted, and you’ll see less hair growth over time.

It effectively targets every spot.

We often miss some spots on the body during shaving or waxing, and sometimes we leave the hard to reach places with unwanted hair, but a Glowyskin.Care IPL handset is more effective, and you can apply it to any body part with ease.

One thing to note is it is effective only on white and light brown skin. And it is not effective on dark skin. 

Can IPL hair removal reduce stubborn ingrown hair?

IPL treatment can eliminate the risk of stubborn ingrown as this technology destroys the hair follicles instead of removing them from the surface as in shaving. 

Less time and more benefits

We know your lifestyle is busy and hectic, and it is tough to find the time to shave or wax. And every week, Ahh!!!, it’s impossible. 


With an IPL device, you get long-lasting results in a few minutes. And after some sessions, complete hair growth reduction. And if hair grows again, they are only a few, and thicker which can be removed with ease.

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