5 Myths about IPL hair removal treatment at home

Are you also one of those people who are reluctant to use IPL hair removal treatment at home? And don’t want to go to salons and clinics due to high rates and time-consuming reasons?

You maybe be avoiding the use of home-based IPL devices due to some common myths. If so, then you have come to the right place. We will try to clear these misconceptions in this blog. And hopefully, you´ll be able to use such useful devices without any fear.


1.Can IPL hair removal treatment at home cause cancer?

No, IPL and laser hair removal treatment do not even trigger cancer. No scientific research has proved this yet. However, In some cases, you must not use IPL treatment as they may lead you towards cancer.

Vascular diseases are one example that can trigger cancer. Such patients have 19% more risks of cancer. If such patients use IPL treatment, then there is a risk of cancer incidence.

It means that IPL or laser treatment does not cause cancer unless you suffer from certain diseases like vascular diseases, eczema, and asthma.

2.It causes burns and pain

This is the most common myth about IPL hair treatment. But in reality, the story is different. However, if you do it incorrectly, it’ll cause pain.

IPL devices have a low risk of potential pain and discomfort. Safety sensors that are built-in within the devices help to adjust the intensity level. And make it simple to operate like Glowyskin.Care IPL device comes with 5 different intensity levels.

It may cause a little bit of prickling sensation, but it goes away in no time. If the pain continues, then use cold pressings or aloe vera gel at the affected area.

3. IPL treatment requires only one session

Unfortunately, No, the IPL hair removal treatments require several sessions depending on your skin tone. Results are not instant, and you’ll see the results after 3 to 4 sessions.

4. It is not for men

Most people believe that it is only for women, but it is not the truth. It is effective for men too.

5. Ipl hair removal devices are too expensive.

You may think that IPL devices are expensive when comparing their price with razor and waxing kits. But you have to rebuy the razor and waxing kits over and over, and the results are not that effective. 

With IPL device, you get better results for longer time, smooth and healthy skin. It is a one time purchase and it lasts for years.

ic: Glowyskin.Care IPL Handset

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