Benefits of using face oils from natural origin

Benefits of using face oils. We use face oils to hydrate the skin, and that may be from natural or synthetic origin. In the past, companies made face oils with outdated formulas without considering skin types. Now companies consider every aspect and formulate oils for quick absorbance and glow, like Shidoa Anti-cellulite oil.

You can apply oil as a base to your moisturizer or on top of it to retain hydration. Whether you have used face oil or you are going to use it, you should read some of the essential benefits of using face oils.

Face oil benefits

face oils from natural origin

A glowy skin

You need only 2-4 drops of oil to apply on the skin. They contain enough oxidants and give your skin a glow. You can also use these drops on your foundation to get a shiny look.

Stops ageing

Face oils help to reduce ageing factors. And reduce wrinkles and make your skin firm and give it a youthful look.


Every skin type requires a balanced amount of hydration, and face oil is the best way to hydrate your skin.


Oils also have anti-inflammatory properties and help to cure irritated skin and rashes. And it reduces redness on the skin as well.


Shidoa cellulite oil has antioxidant ability and helps in healing wounds.

Protects skin

Oils penetrate deep into the skin and trap water and move out the toxins. It strengthens the natural skin barrier.

Face oil or moisturizer?

Face oils provide numerous benefits to the skin. It helps in lubrication and forming a protective layer to retain water. But as it doesn’t contain water so it can not moisturize the skin itself. It is best to use both oil and moisturizer,

Face oil or serum?

If you are using serum, then it is best to apply it after using the serum. And apply before moisturizer.


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